Considering a visit to RVC? Here's what you'll find (on a pretty good day)

  • A casual, relaxed atmosphere

  • Messages that deal with issues we face, in a conversational tone

  • More flip-flops than coats & ties

  • Modern music that sounds like the music we grew up listening to

  • No perfect people, just everyday people like you in search of a real relationship with God

Our Mission

Our Mission

"Turning everyday people into whole-hearted followers of Christ."

Here's why we think it matters:

  • Our mission involves movement. We want to help each other move from where we are now, to the place that God has called us to be. We want to help each other grow in Christlikeness.

  • Our mission defines our target. We're not a group of perfect people who have already "arrived." We are a group of everyday people who are very much "in process," enjoying the journey that God is leading us on.


Our Purpose

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to pursue our mission by...

Honoring God

Extending Grace

Anchoring Ourselves In Christ

Reaching Out